Volunteer Spotlight: William F. Caye, II

In honor of National Friends of the Library Week, we caught up with a member of the Friends, Bill Caye. Bill first served on the library’s Board of Trustees before becoming more involved with the Friends of the Library. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about Bill. 

How did you first get involved with the Library?

I was looking for ways to use my talents to benefit the community. I am a passionate person when it comes to education, so when I saw this opportunity to join the Library’s Board of Trustees, I jumped at it. I immediately contacted Bob Milacci [Board President at the time] and quickly decided it would be a good fit. 

Why did you get more involved with the Friends of the Library? 

I really like what the Friends stand for — community involvement. Once I rolled off the Library Board, I decided to start attending the Friends’ meetings to see if I could contribute there. The Friends’ organization offers more flexibility, which makes it easy to get involved.  

My time with the Friends has been very exciting. Some new people have joined the Board, and we have started applying analytics to help us strategically direct our membership and fundraising activities. 

Local attorney, Bill Caye, at the Allegheny County Courthouse

Any favorite memories or moments? 

My favorite moments are the Silver Anniversary Celebration that Board, Friends, and staff put on at the SNPJ last year, and the Beer for Books annual fundraiser we started in 2018. Both of these events illustrate how the Library fosters people coming together, providing tangible and intangible resources for people looking for opportunities to connect. 

Where do you see the Library in 10 years? 

Doing a lot of virtual and electronic services, along with traditional services. I see the Library integrated into the fabric of the community, doing more health and wellness, social, and educational programs.  Many in nontraditional ways because of technology — you can benefit from the Library without actually being physically in it. 

Any final words? 

The Library has allowed me to grow professionally while giving back to the community. We have people in South Fayette with the skills the Library and the Friends need. I hope they will step forward and get more involved! 

The Friends of the South Fayette Township Library, (front row L to R) Bill Caye, Rachel Scott;
(back row L to R) Mary Ann Kerting, Hima Rayilla, Georgette Swisher, Lauren Scott, David Sandora

The Friends of the South Fayette Township Library help to support the operation of the Library through various activities including volunteering at the library, volunteering to assist with or fund special programming, and hosting a variety of fundraisers.

Learn more about the Friends HERE.