Percy Jackson Book Club

South Fayette Township Library offers unique and engaging book clubs for children. The clubs were suggested by children and are activity-based, with the activities suggested by children.

The Percy Jackson Book Club came about when Lydia I., a participant in the Adventure Readers Book Club, consistently praised the Rick Riordan series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

In the summer, participants started out with The Lightning Thief, reading a few chapters for each meeting. Working together, Lydia I. and Youth Services Coordinator, Ms. Nicole H. designed book club kits for each meeting, which featured activities to go along with the chapters being read. Ms. Nicole also enlisted help from Claire C., an older sister of a club member. The book club was a resounding success and the children wanted to continue it into the fall with the second book, The Sea of Monsters.

At September’s meeting, the children took part in three activities that were based on the plot line of the story. They used Beebot robots to navigate the Sea of Monsters to rescue Grover, capture the golden fleece to save the camp, and avoid the monster traps and Luke’s ship. The second was to Pin the Eye on the Cyclops. The third activity was to learn to make balloon swords and use them to fight off monsters. The children’s adventure will continue this fall as they follow Percy Jackson on his journey.