Library Lover Spotlight – The Price Family

One of the things we have been missing the most is seeing our youngest patrons’ faces in the Library. For this spotlight, we wanted to catch up with one of our favorite families. Many thanks to Amy for taking the time to answer our questions. Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

When did you first start coming to the Library? 

We started visiting the South Fayette Library shortly after we moved to South Fayette in 2014.  We know the extreme importance of building early literacy skills. In one of my Early Childhood college courses, I once read “getting down on the floor and reading to your children is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give them.”  That statement will forever resonate with me. I thought the library would be a great resource to scaffold this developmental family achievement. The South Fayette Library has been “part of our village” since the day we joined six years ago. 

How do you use the Library? (pre-shutdown)

We borrow tons of children’s books. Tons! We also utilize the library in many other ways. The library has a preschool dramatic play area. We have spent many hours there playing with puzzles, train sets, magnetic tiles, the play kitchen and puppets to name a few. We have also attended many of the youth programs offered. We probably started with Preschool Storytime at the ages of 18-months and three-years-old.  Followed by many science, math and technology classes, Lego challenges, Kindergarten Readiness, Crazy 8s Math Club, Chess Club, art classes, print making and many more I can’t recall right now. It was so convenient that our younger son could entertain himself in the play area while our older son was in Chess Club. Ms. Nicole would sometimes even sneak over and do bubbles or little activities to keep the little ones occupied. We even ran into the Grinch and made traps for those little leprechauns at the library. 

 Have you used the Library online while the building has been closed?

We have watched some of Ms. Judy’s STEAM challenges. Superhero Balloon Rockets had us all laughing!  We have also viewed some of the Virtual Mini Con 2020 segments.  Our youngest son loves all things Spider-Man and comics! We just learned about the Pennsylvania state insect, the lightening bug, from a link posted on the South Fayette Library’s Facebook page. We’ve also been “borrowing” eBooks on Hoopla through the library. This is a really nice resource to have access to during the pandemic.  I’m going to look into the Take and Make Bundles. I think the boys would really enjoy them. 

 What is your favorite thing about the Library?

I imagine we would each answer something different for this question.  My favorite thing about the library is the amazingly positive and welcoming staff. I want to acknowledge the remarkable staff! All of our experiences have been positive from the moment we swung the library door open six years ago! The library staff goes above and beyond for children and families. Ms. Nicole and Ms. Judy have taught the majority of the programs my children have attended. I think Ms. Nicole may live at the library? These ladies are simply the best! Their patience during programs, as someone who had two children under the age of three at one time, is greatly appreciated!  Ms. Nicole and Ms. Judy helped our children blossom in all areas of development. They utilize every inch of space available and always provide concrete learning materials for the children. They are both filled with a deep knowledge that children need to explore to learn and provide the tools to encourage discovery and independence. Their kindness is contagious! Evan said his favorite thing about the library is the play area. Liam said the youth graphic novel section. Bill said the number and variety of programs offered. All true!

Any favorite events or memories? 

For us, Story Time with the Grinch is always a great way to get into the spirit of the season! Our whole family attends. The Grinch reads the children a story and then there are snacks and really cute seasonal crafts. Evan’s favorite memory was Preschool Bubbles. Ms. Nicole made a huge bubble around him with a hula hoop. Liam’s favorite memory was Crazy 8s Math Club. I believe he completed every session available. 

What is your favorite book?

My favorite (children’s) book is What Do You Do With an Idea by Kobi Yamada. Such a great message!  I’m not sure I’ve finished an adult novel since my children have been born so children’s book pick it is for me. Bill’s favorite children’s book is There’s a Bird on Your Head by Mo Willems. He does funny voices for the characters and the boys just love it! Liam’s favorite book is any youth graphic novel. He can’t pick just one. Evan’s favorites are the Biscuit book series by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Woof! Woof!