CHILDREN’S Creature Quest

2024 Creature Quest Summer Reading Program
for Children Ages 2 – 11 years

What do I do? Simply keep track of each time you read or someone reads to you! For every 20 minutes, mark, cross off, or color one square on the Creature Quest 2024 Summer Reading Log.

During your next visit to the library, redeem each completed 20 minute square for a Creature Quest Card of your choosing. There are 51 different cards that can be collected in any order.

We also have special “rare” cards, each available for one week. All you have to do is visit the library and ask for this week’s card. There are a total of 10 to collect. New cards are typically available starting on Monday morning, extra cards from the prior week may be available while supplies last. Ask a staff member or Ms. Nicole H if you missed one.

Thank you to the local students and artists who designed many of the Creature Quest Cards. The Creature Quest 2024 Summer Reading Log and Checklist are available at the library or print your own (below). Creature Quest cards will be available until Saturday, August 10.

Remember you can read in all kinds of different ways. Try reading to a family member, your pet, or even a stuffed animal. You can also track when you read audiobooks or magazines. Be creative and have fun!

Happy Reading!

2024-SF-Creature-Quest-Checklist-Pg-1 2024-SF-Creature-Quest-Checklist-Pg-2 2024-Creature-Quest-Reading-Log