Pysanky Egg Decorating: A Ukrainian Tradition

On March 15th volunteers from St Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church in Carnegie led a class in Pysanky Egg Decorating for a group of 27 people.

The volunteers showed a brief film that explained the significance of the Ukrainian Easter eggs and the meaning behind the decorations and dye colors placed on the eggs. For example, stars mean good fortune, and yellow means wisdom.

Each participant was given a kistka, the tool used to apply beeswax to the egg, beeswax, and a candle to heat the kistka.

Participants drew the design on their egg, then heated the kistka, and collected beeswax on the kistka. In the next step, participants traced the pencil drawing with the beeswax, and the volunteers dipped the egg into the first color of dye. These steps were repeated adding to the design, and dipping into other colors of dye.

The last color of dye applied was black. The final step in the process was putting the egg in the candle flame, and wiping off the layers to reveal a beautiful design.

Many participants generously donated to the church for the refugees of the Ukrainian War.

We are so grateful that the volunteers at St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church are committed to keeping this ancient art alive today.