Library Road Trip

ACLA is excited to announce the launch of the Library Road Trip, a program that encourages people to visit all suburban libraries in the county. 

How does the program work? 

Each time a patron visits a different library, they will get the corresponding space on their passport stamped. The passports can only be stamped using the ACLA logo stamper which has been provided to the Library. 

Patrons will win prizes for completing a region or the whole county. 

Which libraries are included? 

All libraries and branches in the suburbs are included (full list is printed on the passport). Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations are not included, because they have their own passport program.

Where can I get a Library Road Trip passport? 

Copies of the Library Road Trip passport will be available at the Library or patrons may download them from and print them at home. 

When does the program begin and end? 

Patrons can begin getting passports stamped on Monday, July 17, 2023. The program will be ongoing indefinitely. 

What age groups can participate? 

This program is for all ages. Each individual may have their own passport (not restricted to 1 per family). 

What are the prizes? 

  • For each library a person visits, they will receive a coupon for a percentage off at Spark Books.
  • For each region a person completes, they will receive a small swag bag from ACLA.
  • For completing the entire county, they will receive a free book of their choosing at Spark Books.

Prizes may be subject to change as time goes on. ACLA will notify libraries of any changes to prizes. 

Where is Spark Books? 

101 Brilliant Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15215 
Phone: 412-781-1987 

Spark Books is a longtime ACLA partner, collaborating with ACLA youth services for StoryWalks, Picture Book Children’s Choice Awards, Children’s Choice Awards and other programs. The bookstore is located in Aspinwall. The store specializes in children’s literature, but titles for all ages are available both in-store and online. 

I have a question not listed here! 

Visit the Library or email ACLA at for more information.