Donor Spotlight – Chris Brunetti

Image: Beer for Books Lead Sponsor Chris Brunetti, his wife Cherie, and children Gina and Angelo

Donor Spotlight:  Chris Brunetti, owner and operator of Helicon Brewing
This September, the South Fayette Township Library will host its second Beer for Books at Helicon Brewing in Oakdale. The space, the free pour, and the discount are all donated by Chris Brunetti, owner and operator of the brewery. We took a few minutes to catch up with Chris and find out what inspires him to support the library in such a generous way. 

When did you move to South Fayette? Four years ago — right after I signed the lease for the building on Helicon.

When did you start using the library? As soon as we moved to South Fayette. Shortly after moving, we decided to home school our children, and the library is one of the major resources we rely on. 

When did you start Helicon? I signed the lease on February 14, 2015, the equipment was delivered on February 29, 2016, and we were open to the public that November. 

How did the idea of Beer for Books come about? My wife and kids are in the library a lot. Cindy [Cox, Board President] approached my wife with the idea for the fundraiser. Both of us were on board from the start. We are happy to be able help. What we do is such a small part of the whole event. I know there is significant effort put into organizing it, there are incredible basket donations, and of course, all the people who attend.  

Why are you supporting the library? I appreciate what the library does for my family, especially as a home school family. We love the programming that is offered year-round. Libraries are a hub of education. 

What do you think are the most important things the library does? Different things for different people. There is something for everyone at the library. You can pick up a tax form, attend a lecture, participate in a children’s program, get access to the internet, and, of course, the books! You can order a book from another library and it is delivered straight to South Fayette – incredible!

What is your favorite book? As a child I enjoyed the Wheel of Time series. Now I mostly read to learn — how to roast coffee beans, brew beer, raise bees — things like that.