Remake Learning Days

Remake Learning Days Across America is a family-friendly event designed to engage caregivers, parents, and kids in hands-on activities that build knowledge and spark creativity. South Fayette Township Library received a $500 grant from the Allegheny County Library Association to support this initiative.

Youth Services Coordinator, Nicole Harding, and STEM Coordinator, Judy Dobies, planned a program called Extreme Weather in PA and facilitated the installation of a Tempest Weather System on the township building above the library.

The Remake Learning Days program was held on Friday, May 13th and designed for 2nd through 6th grade students. The program featured a presentation from meteorologist Jeff Oechslein, a South Fayette resident, detailing the types and causes of increasing severe weather in PA. Mr. Oechslein also demonstrated how to access and use the weather station. The weather station shows not only temperature and rain, but also the potential for lightning and high winds.

Another specialist, Wesley Latham, Scholastic Outreach Educator with Alcosan, spoke about the need to clean water that ends up in storm drains. Following his discussion, he directed children through an experiment whereby they could see the process of cleaning water. The children were fascinated by the process of how the dirty water entered their filters and came out clear when it puddled beneath the filter. Attendees also had the opportunity to see a DIY air conditioner created by Ms. Harding.